The Kano Chronicles® – future posts

Future posts in progress, in no particular order. Please let me know what you’d like to see first and I’ll see what I can do!


     The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō and the House of Peers Nominated by the Emperor Taishō, ‘Senator’ Kanō goes from backbencher to key figure.


The Kanō Chronicles® –                    Seiryoku Zen’yō / Jita Kyōei 

Just exactly what does this mean?
What are its origins?
Who cares, anyhow?

The Kanō Chronicles® –                           Kanō shihan and General Tōjō discuss training methods                                 (spoiler: They disagree. A lot.)

The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō shihan and weapons
An armed Kanō was a happy Kanō


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō steals the 1940 Olympics for Tokyo


The Kanō Chronicles® – Wartime Kōdōkan  From the Sino-Japanese War to the two China Incidents to World War II (and the Cold War)


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s plan to control Japanese budo
What happened?


 The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō and female jūdōka:
Isolation and secret lessons

The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s plan to save Japanese soldiers’ families


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s National Physical Education 国民体育 Kokumin Taiiku
Kanō style martial arts for the masses


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s secret war zone mission
Why is a school principal sent on a secret mission into an active war zone, dodging bullets and enemy ships ? 


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s banned books
MacArthur was not pleased                             


The Kanō Chronicles® – Nangō Jirō and the Kōdōkan
Introducing Imperial Japanese Navy Rear Admiral Nangō Jirō: Kanō’s nephew, juku student, combat Marine, 3rd dan jūdōka, and the second head of the Kōdōkan Jūdō Institute

Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s brother in law Admiral Yanagi Narayoshi Kanō Jirōsaku’s workmate, navigator, mathematician, astronomer, cartographer, and member of the genrōsha Imperial council

The Kanō Chronicles® – The deaths of Kanō’s sons


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s homes


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s secret lessons
Judo to the unteachable


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s funeral and tomb


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s judo spies in China and Russia


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s faction in the House of Peers 貴族院派閥


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō, the Kōdōkan, and the Gods of War


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō’s secret laboratory


The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō Jirōsaku, Kanō’s father
Shintō and sake, lumber and lighters, dying in service to the Emperor


The Kanō Chronicles® –  Kanō’s spy in the US


The Kanō Chronicles® –  Kanō and the Asiatic Society of Japan

The Kanō Chronicles® – Kanō and the Gods Kanō and Shintō, the Japanese ‘Way of the Gods’

The Kanō Chronicles® – Who or what killed Kanō?

The Kanō Chronicles® – The four stages of Nihon den Kōdōkan jūdō

Lance Gatling
Author / Lecturer
The Kanō Chronicles
Tokyo, Japan – please send a note to request signup for automatic updates or give us feedback.
Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Mr. Singh.
      I’m still learning how WordPress works and it is not clear that my response was sent to you. So I apologize if this is (very) late.
      thank you for reading,
      stay tuned for more!

      – Lance Gatling


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