The Kanō Chronicles®: The Most Valuable Martial Art of All

Just as national defense is necessary for a country,
individuals must know how to defend themselves.  
If another person comes at you wrongly with violence,
you must know how to defend yourself;
if you give up without even a thought, or without even a second thought,
you will lose face.
Also, even as a people, when the time of need arises,
you must be prepared to fight for the country.
In order to do this, in this day and age we must unceasingly learn jūjutsu,
as a martial art the most valuable of all, 
and as individuals and as a nation
we must be prepared with the necessary qualifications.
– Kanō Jigorō, Jūdō Kyōhon , 1931
NOTE: ‘losing face’ is losing one’s honor and prestige because of an improper act or failing to act

Lance Gatling
Author / Lecturer
Tokyo, Japan